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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 13, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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mailed out to you. instead of messaging on twitter. send a request to the show's facebook page, mailing address and we will get you an autographed photo right away. ashley webster in for liz claman. >> still waiting on autograph by the way. i know it is in the mail. ashley: still waiting, trish. she thinks i'm kidding. trying to take fear out of summerta. season. they are taking every step to keep you safe and secure. donald trump one step closer to america's most closely held military secrets. once the prom gop nominee is
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official, he will have direct access to highly secret intelligence information but can he be trusted? lieutenant colonel ralph peters. liz claman at the salt session. she wrapped up a talk with mark mobius. we will have her exclusive interview with him. and about all the turmoil in brazil. liz chatting with the former president of mexico, felipe calderon, the drug trade and we're less less than an hour from the closing bell. i'm ashley webster in for liz claman. let's start the countdown. ♪ we just told you the markets are selling off into the close. the dow hit a one-month low. all the major averages on track to end the week in the red.
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this will be the third week in a roy for the dow and s&p 500 i with nasdaq on track for its fourth straight losing week. a lot of red out there. apple taking a shot at uber, falling to two-year low yesterday, still above the $19 mark. the tech giant investing in one billion in chinese ride-hailing service. other ininvestors alibaba and 10-cent. the reason behind the investment? apple says a chance to learn more about certain segments of the china market. also a way to get in with beijing. we'll see. apple falling below $90 a share yesterday. let's see what the traders are saying. go into the new york stock exchange with adam shapiro standing by. adam. reporter: adam, big orders to sell. $600 million. no one particular reason but seems like there are a lot of
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people or at least a lot of computers initiating programs to get out of this market before the weekend. ashley? ashley: we'll keep an eye on it, adam. the dow still down 110 points. now to politics and the race for the white house. donald trump could soon be receiving top u.s. military secrets. once it is routine practice once they become official nominee for his or her party, the candidate give regular briefings and classified intelligence updates. meanwhile secretary of state james baker has miss giving about foreign policy ideas being floated out there by mr. trump. >> it would be far less stable. you would have many, many more, tom and i both said we have a lot of problems today, but you would have a hell of a lot more if that were the case. ever since the end of world war ii, our security alliance with japan and south korea have been foundation and basis for peace and stability in the pacific. nato has been the foundation and
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the base for, for peace and stability in europe. ashley: that is mr. baker. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is veteran of u.s. army and fox news contributor. colonel, thanks as always for joining us on this friday afternoon. look, crittickers say donald trump could let some of those secrets slip if he loses his cool. should nominees have access to those military secrets? what do you think? >> the final nominees do absolutely need access, because you have to do everything you can to prepare them for assuming the presidency but with mr. trump there are two questions. one, will he take the briefings and listen? is he willing to learn? will he read documents provided to him? question two is, can he then keep his mouth shut? this is very serious stuff. this isn't a clown show anymore. he is, has a very good chance of becoming president of the united
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states and the gravitas of that, importance not just for our country but for the world must be taken absolutely seriously. ashley: it is interesting. you could argue hillary clinton had access to all the secrets and she also well, unintentionally let those secrets go by operates on a private server on her computer. those who criticize donald trump could say that mrs. clinton wasn't so good with the secrets either. >> well, we have to wait -- i'm not making a brief for hillary clinton. she is despicable criminal who belongs in jail. in my mind as a former intelligence officer but, donald trump, i just want him to take things seriously. just because hillary clinton screwed things up royally doesn't mean we want donald trump, or whoever is the next president to screw things up further. there is also the obama factor where president obama didn't want to take the briefings. he didn't have time for stuff like that. and a president, presidents come to office, democrat or
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republican, on a domestic agenda. and then they're consumed by foreign policy issues. you can not retreat from the world. couldn't even do it in the last century. can't do it in the 21st. we can engage the world more intelligently, more efficiently, hopefully more effectively but you can't lock it out. ashley: to james breaker's point, mr. trump questioned u.s.'s role in nato. suggesting that south korea or japan should have nuclear weapons. james baker says we're already living in unstable world. that would make it worse. do you agree with him? >> i agree with james baker 100% winston churchill, it was winston churchill who said only thing worse than having allies is not having allies. allies can be frustrating. we don't all share exactly same interests but try operating without them.
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nato, you might argue about small financial imbalances who gives what to who, take advantages of what to who, nato given europe the longest period of peace in europe's entire history. back through the roman empire into the dark shadows of myth. in the 20th century, without a nato type alliance in early half of the century we had to go there to pay a price in blood to straighten it out. nato is well worth every penny. as far as east asia goes, our alliances with japan and south korea, growing alliances elsewhere have not prevented every war or global war or trans-pacific war. alliances, horribly frustrates. we need them, the more the better. ashley: interesting. very quickly, 30 seconds, colonel, what would you tell donald trump if he was president how to deal with isis? we continue on daily basis to hear of their attacks in iraq now. what would you do to fight isis,
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what would you tell mr. trump? >> it would be hard advice for mr. trump to follow. it would be walk softly and carry a whack inch big stick. ashley: i think he might understand that. that is pretty simple. >> second half. ashley: but will he listen? that's the question. lt. colonel ralph peters as always great stuff. we appreciate it. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: let's look back at the dow. it has been a bit of a selloff. the dow off 181. this is the heat map. there is a lot of red on there. the only dow stocks up, intel leading up .1 of a percent. pfizer also moving higher. apple meanwhile unchanged. rest of them moving lower. things meantime are shaking at shake shack. burger chain reporting juicy quarterly earnings. hamburgers and frozen shakes in high demand. raised its sales forecast. that is shake shack as you can see. up 8%. how nice with that? have some fries.
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up next, mexico warning america that a donald trump presidency might come with some major economic costs. we'll go back out to las vegas where liz claman talks to the former president of mexico about the billionaire businessman and building that wall. more countdown on the way. v
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ashley: closing bell rings in just under 48 minutes. we have a look at the dow. seeing a big selloff across the major markets. the dow off at one point 20points. that's been the low point. still off 182 points. we're seeing a selloff heading into the weekend. a number of major department stores reported pretty rotten earnings. jcpenney reported a drop in sales as the quarter saw a slump in apparel demand. nordstrom reporting a drop in first quarter sales at established stores and slashed its profit outlook for the year. kind of a mixed bag. dillard's, jcpenney, gap down, dillard's and kohl's recovering from yesterday's selloff. tune into to a special edition of "wall street week." former treasury secretary larry summers was out with the crew at salt conference in las vegas. that is 7:00 p.m. eastern.
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stick around for john stossel focusing on free market medicine. that is 9:00 p.m. eastern all here of course on fox business. presumptive republican nominee donald trump has vowed to build a wall along the southern border and make mexico pay for it. we heard him say it many times. trump says, if need be he will stop the flow of money being sent by immigrant back to mexico. mexico says such a move will create even bigger problems. liz claman is with the former president of mexico, felipe calderon at the salt conference in las vegas, nevada. >> we're with former mexican president felipe calderon one of the most sought-after participants. not to mings the elephant in the room, on gop side, donald trump. thank you, mr. president for being here. >> thank you. liz: this is hypothetical. it is january of 2017. we are looking at president donald trump being sworn in,
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again a hypothetical. and in one of his first moves he picks up the phone to call you, perhaps the current president, to offer olive branch to have discussion about u.s.-mexico relations. would you take the call from donald trump? >> well hypothetically, yes. i think if any representative of the country should be actively trying to improve the relationship with the united states, whoever it could be former or the next president. liz: would you accept his discussion about a wall? >> i will not probably, definitely not. i understand that the american people and government have the right to do whatever they want but have not the right to impose any charge on any neighbor. same way any people has right to do a wall in his or her own house, has no right to impose the cost of the wall to the neighborhood.
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liz: what if he said meet me halfway, a third of the way, use some pesos, use dollars for border control. >> out of negotiation, of course not. definitely not. liz: why not? >> because not single wall, it is absurd and stupid wall as i say. i would tell him that he needs to know that the net migration of mexican workers to the united states went to zero. even today it is negative. meaning that there are more mexican workers coming back to mexico than mexican workers going to the united states. >> liz: you know i fact checked that. pew research did have that indicating more mexicans are leaving the u.s. however we've seen disturbing pictures of alleged drug dealers scrambling over the wall and upset some americans who feel that not the best quality is coming over to the united states. is that not worth some type of relationship between governments to fix that situation? >> well, immigration could be fixed to rational mechanism, not
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absurd mechanism. it is true that no one single wall has fixed anything, either in berlin or neither mexico. the solution for immigration, it is labor market it is important to regulate it. mexicans or immigrants are not criminals, not most, even -- liz: that was very sensitive subject when donald trump mentioned that some are rapists, some are good people. that is his quote. former president vicente fox use ad curse word, i know you know that, he used it on fox business as well. would you use the same terms to describe how you feel about donald trump? or do you reject that kind of discourse? >> actually vicente fox withdraw his own words which was like a disgusting to me and disappointing. i sustain my own opinion but i considered that it is not necessary to go to insults and we need to provide rationality to the debate.
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we need to provide arguments. what are my arguments? if donald trump, or anyone tried to cut or reduce the trade between mexico and united states, six million american jobs will be under threat. why? because six million families in the united states depend on the trade with mexico. mexico is the second largest buyer of american products. mexican people are the second group, largest, second largest group of tourists to the united states. so, our economies, both economies depend on trade relations. liz: president calderon, takes money, effort, bridge building certainly. we appreciate you being here, thank you so much. ashley, back to you. ashley: liz, thank you very much. see more of liz's interview from the salt conference going to follow her on twitter @lizclaman and like her facebook page. look back at markets.
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what we've seen is a selloff this afternoon. dow industrial average is down. down 167 points. we were down more than 200 earlier in the session. we'll be keeping an eye on that. retail stocks have been hit hard. money coming out of equities as we head to the weekend on this friday the 13th. coming up next, hillary clinton fighting off both bernie sanders and donald trump as new controversy surfaced over the clinton foundation and well, accusations of favors for money. the latest details in a live report next on "countdown quote.
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ashley: well the closing bell rings in about 46 minutes or thereabouts. as we head towards the bell we're seeing a selloff of sorts. the dow still down 165 points. down at lowest point, down 208 points earlier in the session. we're seeing crude oil drop a little bit but the general sentiment is to the sell side as you can see. "the wall street journal"
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put the clinton charity back in focus today saying that the non-profit clinton global initiative is helping to arrange a $2 million investment in a friend's startup. interesting stuff. peter barnes is in washington with the latest on this story. peter? reporter: hey, ash. new controversy for the clinton foundation and the clinton campaign over who the foundation was working with while hillary clinton was secretary of state including governments and companies that had business with the government back then. the journal reports that the clinton global initiative helped arrange $2 million in financial commitments for a for-profit nebraska startup company, energy pioneer solutions which weathered houses possibly in violation of irs rules. it is owned and headed by a clinton friend. some investors in the company were other clinton friends and contacts and the company received $812,000 grant from the energy department in 2010 when hillary clinton was in the government.
3:25 pm
in a statement the foundation did not deny it's involvement with energy pioneer but said it did nothing improper or illegal and itself gave no money to energy pioneer. it said one of the initiatives of global initiative to connect other people to each other around other companies and sometimes investors to promising startups in climate change and other areas and some of those people may be clinton friends. the statement says quote, dozens of cgi commitments involve for-profit companies addressing climate change helping reduce dependency on fossil fuels. energy pioneer lost money. it wound down most of operations. no comment from the clinton campaign or the energy department. ashley: interesting stuff as always. peter barnes in d.c. thank you very much. we're watching the markets. the dow as we say, down 112 points. maybe a decent retail number for april and consumer confidence
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surging in may has left investor thinking maybe the fed will raise rates at least twice this year. maybe that is playing into the psychology of the market as little bit this afternoon. we'll have to see. coming up next with only hillary clinton and bernie sanders left to pick on, donald trump setting his sights on a new target, the bitter words and brewing rivalry between the presumptive nominee and fourth richest person in the world, amazon ceo jeff bezos. more "countdown "on the way.
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>> i'm adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. take a look at what's happening in the markets. the dow is down, the s&p 500 also down. may close negative for the year if it reverses and goes even further down. nasdaq is also off. oil ends a three-day bull run. the commodity fell as the strong dollar made it more expensive to hold oil positions. also reported its rig count to drop by ten last week. the eighth consecutive weekly drop. gillard stock trading down, down 2.1% after the chain reported disappointing results. profit and revenue fell from a year ago after shoppers shop less at traditional market stores. and sales of out of a crossovers due to overstated labels. gm said in a memo that it was an inadvertent error.
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. >> well, the closing bell will ring in just about 28 minutes. and the market looking -- well, a little bit you will. a little red up there. the dow up 176 points, down 1%, the s&p off half a percent, nasdaq also down as you can see down about half a percent. so what is going on? i had a theory, but i know a man who probably knows exactly what's going on. let's go back to the man of the new york stock exchange and straight from the traders themselves. so a trader about this afternoon's selloff. let's bring in sergeant, devalue managementing director. sergeant, my theory was that despite what all the consumer department stores are kellogg telling us, consumer confidence is great, and that maybe twice, am i right? >> you're absolutely right. and it all started with consumer credit from march. we saw a revolving and
3:33 pm
nonrevolving credit. and then the shield curve, down to .95 between the two-year and the ten-year. clearly they're thinking that june's back on the table. and if you look at the fed funs futures, they're pricing in at about a 65% chance of a hike between now and the end of the year, which is a lot higher than what it was. ashley: well, what i don't understand is janet yellen saying we see the economy to continue to strengthen. i don't think it strengthens. i don't think it comes fran area of strength. the gdp is anemic, nobody is spending at the department stores and doesn't seem to be spending all of this money saved on gas prices. so how would you characterize the economy right now? >> well, i would still call this a rather poor economy overall. but every data point is better than it was. it is strengthening a little. now, i know i'm usually gloom and doom, but it wasn't quite as bad as it was, and to get
3:34 pm
rates a little higher. and if they have to do it, the election is wooing. ashley: you're never doom and gloom. thank you so much, steve, appreciate it. all right. to politics, why not. and the presumptive gop nominee lashing out against fellow billionaire and amazon ceo jeff last night. >> amazon is getting away with murder tax-wise. he's using the washington post for power so that the politicians in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. . ashley: all right. with me now republican strategist adam good man. democratic strategist and former speechwriter, by the way, for vice president joe biden matthew. adam, let me begin with you. okay. mr. trump saying, look, he's using the washington post as his own, you know, vehicle. and also amazon getting away with murder on taxes. from the man who won't release his own taxes. is it a by donald trump
3:35 pm
to go after bezos, let's be honest about it. it's pretty much all left all the time newspaper that has a point of view that's not going to square with trump and you know they're going to go after donald trump with everything they've got. but everyone that has try to take on donald trump and return, and bezos is trying to do that to some degree on social media. every one. and the 16 former presidential contenders, everyone has come out short, including everyone on the media and as well who have try to take on trump, i think this is, again, a very sharp, well designed move byos ashley: right. >> is going to come after him with everything they've got. ashley: let's go on the other side. matthew, i want to bring up the clinton foundation. once again in the news a
3:36 pm
report that $2 million was allegedly funneled to a friend who is starting up a business. does this just not add to the lack of trust that we have in hillary clinton? and her ability and the clinton's ability to tell the truth? >> it does not. as is the case of a lot of these stories. they come out, they sound like a big deal, turns out that they're nothing. to say that the clintons know a lot of people is an under statement. what they did is something that a lot of charities and foundations have been doing, which is called impact investing. there's really nothing wrong with it at all. it's helping low -- what they -- the money is going to is helping low-income people with their energy bills. so i think that's totally fine. let me also respond to something adam said. i don't believe that's true. the people trump tax have all been hurt. i think megyn kelly looks all the better for it, and in the case of washington post, they have a good story about trump today pretending to be his own publicist, that's why trump is attacking them.
3:37 pm
ashley: quickly, matthew, we'll start with you and go back to adam. let's talk about bernie sanders, he just won't go away. do you think he's under pressure to drop out? and do you think he will? >> you know, it's a good question. i think he should at this point. but it's up to bernie sanders what to do. i don't know how this is helping the democratic party at this point. you know, hillary at this point needs to be one-on-one with trump. bernie attacking her isn't helpful. hillary is clearly going to win here. so if i were bernie, i would drop out. but, listen, bernie has a lot of supporters and a lot of money behind him, and it's tough to stop. he's having a good time. ashley: he is. that's a live picture, by the way, in fargo, north dakota. one of my favorite movies. fargo. all right. adam, let me get back to you. big question for the republicans of course, unity. paul ryan saying, look, we got together, it was all great, i like him, he's a warm, genuine man, but i'm not going to endorse him. how quickly should all of this come together with regard to
3:38 pm
the establis fully behind donald trump? >> you're going to hear the words common ground repeated as code for unity until it happens. it's going to happen because at the end of the day, republicans will unity. they unity because they want to defeat hillary clinton, more conservative, some are more ideological, i think that's good far party that's looking to show america they're not a johnny one nut. that they actually have a sense of diversilot of people. ashley: well, we know for sure that it's fascinating to watch and fascinating to be in the media at the time. we love it. thank you so much, adam good man and matthew littman. so much to say, so little time. >> thank you. ashley: all right. markets
3:39 pm
off the lows, but not doing great, though, as we close into the end of the trading week. the dow still up 174 points at 17,546. mosquitoes carrying the zika virus, not the only problem for brazil. up next, liz claman has an exclusive interview with one of the world's market investors. tells liz why he thinks brazil may still be a good place to make a buck. we go back out to the salt conference in las vegas, talking brazil, the olympics, and furnished worried about the zika virus. >> would you go to the olympics in brazil? >> i would not. and i certainly wouldn't advise my daughter who is 28, childbearing age, definitely not to go
3:40 pm
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. >> brazil, slowly trying to move its government forward interim president holding his first official cabinet meeting today, vowing to rescue the nation from an economy in free fall. voted to suspend former president who is accused of essentially cooking the books behind a massive budget deficit prior to her reelection in 2014. now, all of the political turmoil comes as brazil prepares to host the 2016 summer olympics and some health experts say athletes and fans should boycott the games because of the zika virus threat. not exactly a pretty picture. but one respected investor still sees brazil as a worthwhile investment. let's go back out to liz claman for the salt conference. liz. liz: ashley, with all of the news that's been outlined, i want to bring in mark of the templeton funds, the emerging markets guru. listen, at this very moment,
3:45 pm
you have the heard running and screaming away from the situation where the president of brazil has been suspended and may be impeached. what was your investment view right now for brazil? >> the view we have is now is the time to get into brazil because longer term, brazil is going to do gangbusters. we think they're going to do very, very well. and the political changes that are taking place now mean that they are really serious about reform. this is one of the key aspects of most of these emerging markets is that the reform process must go forward because that's when you get value being created. liz: do you think the president is going to be impeached? and how does that affect your investment view if she is? >> she will be impeached i believe. but even if she's not as a political figure, she's finished. in other words, you're going to see a new administration, a new change in that country. liz: what if there's contagion? do you force these out in the other latin-american countries
3:46 pm
and advise going into those nations as well? not yet? >> actually each of these countries are moving in different directions. as you know argentina just elected a candidate who's cleaning up the mess he found under the previous administration. chile is doing well there, the only problem there is copper. columbia is doing very well. currently they have some minor problems because it is dependent upon oil. each is different. but generally speaking, latin america is on a reform path. liz: you just mentioned mexico. i have to ask if there is a donald trump administration in the united states, what does that do? does this cause gyrations? does that stabilize things? what's your view on that? >> i don't think there will be any big problem with donald trump being president and the relations with mexico. because the relationships are so close now, it's almost impossible to break them. now, you can talk about a wall, you can talk about all kinds of restrictions. but at the end of the day, i
3:47 pm
believe that trade and investment will continue between these two countries. liz: what's your favorite emerging market right now to go long and then i'll ask you the short question? >> probably brazil is the one to go long in. i'm not saying it's going to turn overnight. but the opportunities there are very good. liz: what type of stocks would you go into? >> consumer. consumer stocks have been bombed in brazil and strong companies there with excellent prospects, big population, big consumer population. so that's a place to be. liz: got to get to china. china right now is showing from -- i would say earthquakes certainly when it comes to the investment world. you've got the commodity situation dropping pretty exponentially, no demand for iron ore or rebar. again, don't let your eyes glaze over over rebar, would you go into china? >> china has gone through a big process of industrialization.
3:48 pm
and building up their infrastructure. still got a long way to go, but they've done a lot. so it means that the peak in steel demand and aluminum demand is pretty much over. it will still grow, but it will not be peaking at the degree in which it was in the past. liz: are you shorting any emerging market right now? >> no. because the emerging markets the last few years have generally underperformed in the u.s. so now we believe -- liz: would you avoid? is there a nation in southeast asia that you would avoid or anything like that? >> probably avoid venezuela, that's pretty much the case of the stage. but their time will come. liz: great to see you. mark mobius. ashley, back to you. ashley: impressive. all right. while brazil struggles with the zika epidemic, also could be heading toward south florida this summer. but one company says it could
3:49 pm
prevent that with the genetically modified mosquito. fox business bill joins us live from florida with the latest on this fascinating story. phil. >> right now this is all about preventing a zika outbreak. florida accounts for one out of five zika cases in the whole country. and that's why both u.s. senators in florida and public health experts now favor releasing 3 million genetically modified mosquitoes into the air in this neighborhood. right now the food and drug administration is evaluating the potential impacts on the environment, public comment period ends tonight. british lab says its genetically engineered males produce baby mosquitoes that die off before they bite. and it reduces the mosquito by up to 90%. >> people who live in the community there's going to be what we want to have the test, they have reservation because it's in their backyard.
3:50 pm
and there's not a lot of science behind what they're saying, but it's in motion. >> well, opposition is obvious and strong in the neighborhood. home to about 1,000 people, many people saying no consent. >> i feel like my family and my community are -- >> the fda, c.d.c. and epa have all preliminarily ruled no significant impact. and occitech claims no adverse affects reported in the three countries introduced the genetic mosquitoes. but ultimately this could all go down to a vote of the people who live here in august. ashley. ashley: phil, the man with the best office in the business. phil, thank you so much. i'm very jealous of that. isn't it the best? phil, thanks. well, i want to bring in doctor on this zika discussion. doctor, you just heard phil's report. could it work? a modified franklin fly? >> well, i'm not an expert of
3:51 pm
genetically modified mosquitoes, but i have to say the ireradication of mosquitoes is crucial. . ashley: so the zika threat, we have the olympics beginning in brazil on august 5th. is this being overblown? or is the threat very real? because some health experts say athletes shouldn't go, fans shouldn't go, stay away. what do you think? >> well, there's a lot we do know and a lot we don't know. when it comes to concerns and even panics and fears, what i do have to say is don't panic. we need to increase our understandings and learn how to protect ourselves. and as a physician, i'm saying i'm following the center for disease control guidelines. if i'm pregnant or planning a pression or if i'm a male that has a pregnant partner or planning pression, i would not travel there. they are going to proceed. now, any time we travel, we
3:52 pm
want to travel smart. we want to look at the guidelines that are on the centers for disease control. they can tell us how to prevent mosquito bites, not just zika but west in west nile virus, these are other things that can cause problem. ashley: are you getting questions from patients about zika and mosquitoes? is that a big topic for you in your practice? >> it is whenever any patient comes in and checks, we ask if they have had travel within the last few weeks out of the united states. it is important. one of the things that we do need to know to increase our understanding is how it's being spread. we need to understand who has it. and we're making advancement in terms of being test. they just recently passed the commercially approved testing kit that's allowing to improve. ashley: doctor, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. ashley: appreciate it. well, the closing bell ringing in just about seven and a half minutes. retailers having a rough day, week, year even. but countdown closer says can't miss buy.
3:53 pm
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. ashley: retail sales go higher, let's gock exchange whee adam shapiro is standing by. >> yeah. take a look at these realization we recognize be they're selling off today. despite the fact that retail sales were up 1.8%, nordstrom the big loser, after an earnings report where they adjusted their full year profit guidance from $2.50 to 2.70, scout $2.35. but tiffany down 2.5%, michael corresponds down 5% and then coach. not a good day for the retailers. ashley: certainly not, the dow off 180 points, scary week, earnings route, claims the
3:57 pm
highest it's been in a year and apple waging a evaluation battle with google and dropping below 90 bucks a share at one point this week. joining me now is lee munson. lee, thank you for joining us. i want to jump into the stocks you like in this market. you like apple, even though that dropped below 90 bucks a share. is it good value now? >> yeah. i think it is. the reason why apple share price is off because they thought that doing buy backs was their substitute for innovation. and the bottom line is the reason why we're talking about the, google horse race today is every single thing about this economy. we just had mobius tell you it's all about the consumer in brazil. google and apple make this thing which we buy everything. so i think if you want to look for the value, here's the bottom line. the whole argument about who's going to be the biggest has to do with apple and google make the same thing. google has convinced investors that they're going to do better making people buy stuff
3:58 pm
on this. and apple has done a very poor job. but the bottom line is two of them are monopolies. if you want to buy the value, buy apple, if you want to buy the momentum, buy google. i like cheap stuff. ashley: don't we all. you like lou lou lemon inspect. why? >> well, think about it. retail sales are growing 50% more than the economy. the consumer isn't dead. 400,000 people lining up to buy a tesla they won't get want to couple of years? that isn't a dead consumer. focus on places that spend on selling stuff online. i got this online, i got this online, and if you're not -- remember the macy's, macy's and the gap, filthy stores that say i hate you to my wif w. ashley: let's ask about amazon. we all know about amazon. you still think it's good value? >> well, you know what? i think we're going to get a summer swoon. and if you do, you make it like the golf course and grip it and rip it.
3:59 pm
wink amazon while i would love to buy it and put it away, can't we just wait and see how the summer goes? you know how it goes. but then if i see everybody hate it, especially if they say they're raising the price of prime and nobody will buy it again and it goes down, load up. ashley: yeah, i grip it and rip it, just hooks straight into the woods. gap and macy's, those are the two, you know, they've had a rough go. for the same reason that we've heard all week that the -- just not keeping up with the times, not doing a good enough job with the online retail competition. is that the reason? >> you know, i wish i could say that. that was it. but it is. here's the thing. when you go into a store, and it's filthy. okay? you're not going to sell to people because it says i hate you. but then it gets worse. because outside of macy's and gap, look at nordstroms. i go in and try to buy stuff, they're out of stock, they said we can get it online. it's, like, i will. but i'm going to go buy it on amazon prime because i don't like it, reship it and send it back. so it's not that the consumer
4:00 pm
is dead, it's that these stores are crappy. i don't even think malls are. but you've got to sell online. i mean come on. ashley: the quote of the day. lee munson, thank you so much. we can hear the closing bells ringing on wall street. all happy. i don't know why. because it's friday. that's why. maybe that's it. david: stocks getting hammered saying they've had enough with this. the stocks closing down today 185 points. i'm david asmand. mellisa: and i'm melissa francis here's what else is happening this hour. more republican congressman seem to be falling in line behind donald trump. his team wrapping up its first meeting on capitol hill to a packed house but some conservatives claim their on going feud and are calling on off -- calling -- this a sham. meanwhile, bill clinton's foundation is coming under fire for reportedly giving millions of doll


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